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A no-bullshit impact token designed to build a global community around the cause of true wealth creation by disrupting the highest risk factors for mental health crises.

For too long, the attention economy has enabled tech giants to manipulate our awareness for their insane profits. The next stage is web 3.0, where you control monetizing your attention, and community is the most valuable element. Our mission is to build a web 3.0 community that can impact the global mental health crises through proactive mental health awareness, education, and initiatives. A community with aligned incentives where we can all share in the personal and economic benefits of a growing movement.

We aren’t trying to build this perfect, grand cathedral over years that perhaps when finished, people will come. Instead, we sought to create a solid protocol around a scrappy community that will continuously make it better and iterates over time. We believe this will makes us far more resilient and anti-fragile.

So how does $HOPE Coin work exactly? We will summarize the coin’s unique characteristics below but for deeper exploration, click here for our Litepaper.

$HOPE is a cross-chain integrated token built on both the Ethereum and Solana Blockchains. By bridging the two leading DeFi blockchains, $HOPE is on a self-perpetuating path towards more Users and Total Value Locked (TVL). ETH-HOPE and SOL-HOPE are intentionally devised to continuously re-balance one another and thus create a greater overall market cap in the aggregate.

$HOPE Coin bridges the two leading DeFi chains; Ethereum & Solana

The tokenomics structure and ecosystem of $HOPE are genuinely one-of-a-kind. Too many new altcoins enter the market with opaque tokenomics structures and coin distributions. We believe radical transparency is the only way to create a sustainable community built on trust. This is why we developed a custom tokenonomic structure based on sustainable, legitimate, ultra-sound-money principles.

On each transaction, a 5% tax will be applied. 2% will be allocated for Buy-back and Liquidity Providing (LP), thus reducing the token supply and deepening its liquidity. Instead of simply burning these tokens like most altcoins, the $HOPE protocol will first provide them as liquidity for the token on its main Automated Market Maker (AMM) before the resulting LP tokens are burned. The effect of a buy-back and LP strategy is like that of a public company repurchasing its stock in order to reduce the number of outstanding shares on the market, which increases the ownership stake of the existing stakeholders.

While the other 3% tax will be divided evenly to the following wallets;

· 1%: Charity Wallet for Distribution to mental health impact programs.

· 1%: Token Holders in the form of an automatic dividend which incentivizes holding.

· 1%: DAO wallet for Token Development and Marketing.


How will $HOPE impact the mental health crises? By performing alchemy through transforming a simple 1% transaction tax into an altruistic impact. $HOPE will convert this investment into a global force for proactive mental health initiatives; our HOPE FORCE. Traditional mental health initiatives are reactionary, incremental, and often siloed. The HOPE FORCE will be a decentralized global cohort of AGENTS OF IMPACT and PARTNERS IN PREVENTION working in unison on the mental health crisis.


AGENTS OF IMPACT are social cause entrepreneurs of any age, trained as surrogates to take action according to their time, personal initiative, and space. Empowered with proactive mental health training, they can impact their community, school, place of work, and/or friends and family. Just ONE AOI can impact the lives of over ONE HUNDRED people with just $40 worth of training. This is the peer-to-peer compounding impact that makes AOI such an effective program.


Despite the glaring mental health crisis, it is shocking to see how little government funding is allocated to mental health programs relative to the size of the problem. Via bi-monthly donations on our Twitch channel, $HOPE will work to close this funding gap by helping finance our PARTNERS IN PREVENTION proven mental health programs under our effective altruism mandate. Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that advocates using evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others.

Over time, the combined forces of AOI and PIP will create a global network effect by unifying their global impacts across the spectrum of mental health challenges.


If you find a shared purpose in our mission, please join our critical cause. There are many ways to get involved (click here) in this vital initiative. But please remember, if you choose to buy $HOPE, there is always a possibility you can lose what you put in. Financial freedom can feel liberating but financial insecurity is a leading cause of mental health issues. We want to be a source of positivity and optimism, and to do that, we have to build a fully aware and responsible community.


Check out this post on our Medium profile at this link.