HOPE-NOMICS – How Your Action Fuels the Transformative Mental Health Ecosystem

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THE $HOPE COIN FUELS PEER-TO-PEER INNOVATION. We devised the term, Hope-Nomics because hope is not just a feel-good word, and the impact of the $HOPE coin isn’t just a marketing gimmick. The tokenomics of Hope, a.k.a Hope-Nomics, is about converting investment in $HOPE into transformative community mental health practices. These practices are proactive by addressing mental health far in advance of the point of mental health crises.

Despite the glaring mental health crisis, it is shocking to see how little government funding is spent on mental health relative to the size of the problem. Self-harm, cognitive, neurological, and substance use disorders account for 12% of the global burden of disease. Yet, in 2016, the median government spending on mental healthcare was 2.4% of all healthcare spending.

The lack of sufficient funding means 78% of those with mental illness in high-income countries — and up to 96% in low-income and lower-middle-income countries — do not receive treatment. This massive treatment gap indicates the need for more organizations and funding to solve the problem.

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that advocates using evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. Numerous pilot studies and randomized controlled trials by an organization like the Mental Health Innovation Network have been conducted and show where mental health resources can be prioritized for maximum efficacy.

Yet, many pilots lack prioritization to channel the talent and funding necessary to bring them to scale. Thus the problem is not a lack of well-evidenced, effective treatments; they are not being implemented or prioritized adequately in the non-profit sector.

Blockchain technology permits more decentralization yet greater collaboration, and that is the exact formula needed to tackle a problem as complex as mental health. The Foundation will harness the power of

Decentralized Finance (DEFI) and blockchain technologies to promote and execute our mental health initiatives. We will use Solana’s distributed ledger technology to conduct community management, program coordination, fundraising, and digital content management. It will enable complete transparency of our operations and partnerships. This incredible tech will permit careful analysis and measurement of our program’s effectiveness to further our effective altruism mandate.

The Foundation has created a custom, sustainable tokenomics structure to help its community build wealth while simultaneously financing critical mental health initiatives. Every time a $HOPE coin is bought or sold, a 1% transaction tax will be allocated to the charity wallet.

Each $HOPE transaction will fuel the growth of our Hope Force by training one more Ally in Hope or the funding of a Partner Organization’s critical program. Over time, the combined efforts of the Hope Force will create a global network effect by unifying their global impacts across the spectrum of mental health challenges.

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