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CONCEALMENT CULTURE is the result of societies shaped by STIGMASSTIGMA shapes individuals and communities to reinforce silencing behaviors through shaming and lack of visibility for resources, basic recognition of signs, symptoms STIGMA is the social and cultural factors that try to dictate how we express ourselves.


Expressing ourselves means communicating our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to others through verbal and physical actions. Breaking social conditioning that maintains concealment culture is paramount.

The destination and vision are crystal clear. The path is well mapped. But the challenge is daunting. We must deliver transformation change, and we must do it now.

This means evolving traditional practices from reactive to proactive to close the gap from onset to recognition and appropriate treatment interventions. This means building practices that can curb the accelerating rates of harm.

Which means creating a plan beyond incremental impact. This means building a diverse Alliance of individuals and organizations, each focused on producing a transformational shift.

A network to build an irreversible momentum of harmonious impact. We must rally TOGETHER to activate transformational change.

Please join us on July 19th to launch the $HOPE coin and its action arm, The Hope for Us Network.

We are not the new thing. We are what must come Next in the evolution of mental health care.

TOGETHER We CAN Disrupt the highest risk factors of the crisis

TOGETHER WE CAN Become proactive on mental health care

TOGETHER WE CAN Build a Network for Change!

TOGETHER there is Hope For Us

See our complete post at this link.