We are always looking for support to help us grow and spread the word of $HOPE Coin. Additionally we are accepting applications for the Allies in Hope training program which will begin in August. If either is of interest to you, please review the positions and apply below.


Positions Of Need

Global Reprentatives
– Ambassadors
– Speakers
– Campaign Managers

Community Moderators
– Telegram Group Chat
– Subreddits
– Discord Channel

Graphic Designers
– Memes
– Videos

Content Writers


(Let us know how you can help build the HopeForce)


The Allies in Hope program will crowdsource proactive mental initiatives and compensate our community for their services and content in the form of $HOPE tokens. 

The Foundation will create a content catalog and registry of services. These assets will get tokenized in the sense that any community member’s participation in the creation or curation gets rewarded with $HOPE coins. And thanks to the power of the blockchain, we can authenticate the services and content itself as a digital fingerprint stored along with metadata in the Solana system. Hence, every action performed is traceable, verifiable, and immutable.


We are always seeking to work with allies in proactive prevention. If your  organization is seeking funding for an innovative mental health initiative please reach out to us! 


$HOPE is built around the principle of effective altruism. We want to focus our resource allocation on evidence based programs that can show measurable impact and efficacy. This is not always easy in the mental health space, but we think it’s important to framework to build upon.